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Easier than Manjaro!

Why not just use the arch installation wiki?

Well, to put it simply, THE OFFICIAL ARCH WIKI INSTALLATION GUIDE SUCKS! wait, let me rephrase that, THE OFFICIAL ARCH WIKI INSTALLATION GUIDE SUCKS! for beginners. If you're a complete noob to Linux or even if you're a intermediate, you'd probably find the Arch wiki a bit too daunting to comprehend. No worries though! The actual installation is fairly easy and if you follow all the steps that I mention, you'd probably have a working machine in about 30 minutes or so.




  1. Downloading the ISO
  2. Flashing the ISO onto a USB
  3. Booting into the live environment
  4. Accessing the system BIOS
  5. Configuring the system BIOS to be able to boot into Arch

  6. The Live Environement
  7. Installing the System
  8. Configure the System

  9. Reboot Into Arch

Downloading the ISO

You can acquire the Arch linux ISO file from the Arch Download Page . I would recommend torrenting the file by the means of a torrent client, I personally use qBittorent. Alternatively, you can get a direct download link as well. If you're going to do the latter, I'd suggest you'd verify the PGP signature before you follow through the next step.

Flashing the ISO onto a USB drive

The easiest way to flash any ISO onto a USB drive is by using the program Balena Etcher. The flashing instructions are very straightforwad and I dont think it's worth a mention in this guide. Check out their website for more information.

Booting into the live environment

The Live Environement

Great! you're finnaly booted in the live environement and are now prompted with this screen:

arch linux live environement

OooOo. .... spooky, But don't be intimidated! Ok, you get the spooky screen and now what?
well first, you have to verify the boot mode.

Installing the System

Configure the System

Reboot into Arch

And that's it!! :D

Congratulations! you finnaly installed arch. Your system will now reboot into a blank terminal once again :(. But don't be disheartned, The hard part is over. There is a few more stuff you have to set up before you can actually use Arch. Like adding users, Installing a Desktop Environment/Window Manager and other fun stuff. You can find all the tutorials to those in this website.