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try: sudo rm -rf /*

Users and Groups

One of the first things to do after a fresh install of Arch is to add a user. Users are the directories where you will primarily work on. All your videos, music, documents and downloads etc. go to your users home directory.

Why not just login as root xd?

Well there's a numeber of reason why that's a bad idea. One of which is YOU ARE STUPID, humans are prone to mistakes and you and I are no exceptions. It's always good practice to lower your privilege by default so you won't accidently do stupid shit. For example, if you were to listen to me and type in rm -rf/* from the title, you would've deleted all the folders in your root directory and basically have crashed your system. And for those who did do that, let that be a lesson, it's not the worst thing that could happen. Just resinstall from scratch, easy


Add a new user account

Installing the sudo command

Adding groups to your users